Ashmolean Live Friday: ‘Music Technologies: Old and New’

Preview of Ashmolean LiveFriday: Music Technologies

The Oxford Culture Review


After the success of ‘An Evening with the Gods’, the Ashmolean Museum is opening its doors for another LiveFriday, this time on the theme of ‘Music Technologies: Old and New’. The open evenings are designed to LiveFriday250113_06build community interaction with history, consolidating the links between the Ashmolean and Oxford University; this evening is held in association with the Faculty of Music. Technology has radically altered the way we compose, consume, and create music, be it through sound recording, the use of electronic instruments, or globalised transmission of music. The evening is guest curated by Heather Professor Eric Clarke, specialist in music and psychology. He and Dr Roger Allen will be demonstrating gramophones at the event (so bring along your vinyl records), while Dr David Maw will be improvising live to Luis Buñuel’s silent film Un Chien Andalou, projected onto the Ashmolean walls.

Alongside the gramophone demonstrations…

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