Chasing the King of Hearts: An interview with Peirene Press

Interview with Peirene Press marketing director Maddy Pickard.

The Oxford Culture Review

Peirene Press is an independent publisher specialising in novellas in translation. I spoke to Marketing Director Maddy Pickard on the art of translation, the transformation of the British book market, and the allure of the novella.

How do you choose your translators?

It depends on the book. We have a few that we work with again and again – we’ve done three books with Jamie Bulloch, and we’ve worked withbeside_web_new_0_220_330 Emily and Fleur Jeremiah, a mother and daughter translation team, a couple of times. Sometimes the translators come to us, which we really love. It’s really important that a translator is passionate about the text. Adriana Hunter who translated our first title, Beside The Sea, came to us, and Emily Jeremiah comes to us with titles. Other than that we put out calls through cultural agencies or through word of mouth… We always commission sample translations, so Meike Ziervogel [Peirene’s Publisher] might go through…

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