Quilting Points: An Interview with J. P. E. Harper-Scott

Interview with musicologist J. P. E. Harper-Scott.

The Oxford Culture Review

Musicologist J. P. E. Harper-Scott is currently a Reader in Musicology and Theory at Royal Holloway, specialising in music theory and analysis with an emphasis on Heidegger, Badiou, Žižek, Critical Theory, Marxism, and postmodern critiques of human subjectivity. I spoke to him about his new book, ‘The Quilting Points of Musical Modernism’.

Firstly – what is your book about? Why should people read it?

It proposes a new theory of modernism, and it is a theory that fits all music since the modernist revolution as an essential act of indestructible relationships between truth claims. So not just the stuff that we know of from GCSE as ‘the modern period’, but all of it – jazz, pop, even the way that world music is consumed in the West.

Should any theory be able to be applicable to all music?

In this I see eye-to-eye with ethnomusicologists when I often don’t at all…

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