Review: Foxfinder

Review of Rough-Hewn’s ‘Foxfinder’

The Oxford Culture Review

Foxfinder: Poster Design Laura Whitehouse Foxfinder: Poster Design Laura Whitehouse

Full of desolation and unafraid to confront the darkest consequences of fear and grief, it is not difficult to see why Dawn King’s play Foxfinder won her the Papatango Theatre Company writing competition in 2011, ‘Most Promising Playwright’ at the Off West End Awards 2012, and placed her on the shortlists of two other major prizes for theatre writing. Rough-Hewn’s production provided a sensitive and arresting rendition, the intensity of the text accentuated by the intimacy of the Keble O’Reilly Theatre.

The play is set on a British farm during a time of crop shortage and famine. The Foxes are believed to be the root cause of the problem, so when Samuel (Leo Suter) and Judith’s (Phoebe Hames) farm begins to fall under its quotas, the Foxfinder William Bloor (Nick Finerty) is sent to investigate. We are never informed of the identity of the…

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