Review: Henry V

Review of Creation Theatre’s ‘Henry V’.

The Oxford Culture Review

“This is Henry V as you’ve never seen it before”, announces the programme for Creation Theatre’s latest Summer Shakespeare production. And love it or hate it, the production certainly lives up to this promise. Bursting with humour, energy, and quite a few tennis balls, this Henry V was quite unlike anything I have previously experienced.

Henry V ⓒ Photography by ⓒ 2013

Having had a particularly difficult summer last year due to excessively wet weather, this year’s production is staged in Oxford Castle. Not only is this an appropriately atmospheric setting for Shakespeare’s historical play about royalty, loyalty, and honour, but it allowed for the use of three separate outdoor stages acting as the English court, French court, and battlefield. Those who love Henry V for its dynamic battle scenes will not be disappointed by Henry’s ‘Once more unto the breach’ speech (played by Morgan Philpott), delivered from atop the…

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