The Man Revealed: An Interview with John Suchet

Interview with broadcaster John Suchet about his new book on Beethoven.

The Oxford Culture Review

John Suchet, Classic FM presenter and former ITN reporter, has just published his sixth book on Beethoven entitled ‘Beethoven: The Man Revealed’. I spoke to him about his passion for Beethoven and his music.

Why is Beethoven so important to you?

The background to it is that I am a failed musician. When I was at school and university I was actually quite good, the best in my year. I used to play the hymns at school, I played the violin in the orchestra, I played the trombone in the military band, the concert band … I was heavily into music and decided to become a professional but fortunately for the world of music I changed my mind as I just didn’t have enough talent, but music’s always been in the background of my life. I came to Beethoven fairly late, I suppose in my mid to late twenties. I…

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