Preview: Monkey Bars

Preview of Chris Goode’s verbatim play ‘Monkey Bars’.

The Oxford Culture Review

‘No, wait, I mean’ – the interviewee begins to fidget nervously as they try to rectify their obvious mistake. The panel’s expression has turned from polite curiosity to inevitable disappointment, and their unfortunate subject can sense the job opportunity riding away on the back of one poorly considered answer. ‘I mean’ – the pause lingers, the interviewee licks their lips – ‘if I was a bubblegum creature, I wouldn’t melt because I would have a hard, bubblegum shell.’

Such is the continued dualism of Chris Goode’s play Monkey Bars, which takes interviews with over 70 children aged between seven and ten and places them, verbatim, into adult contexts, ranging from job interviews and political debates to bars and restaurants. While the language may be juvenile, the questions posed by the script are certainly more mature in nature. Siwan Clark, directing the production running at the Burton Taylor Studio from the…

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