Review: Frankenstein

Review of Rough-Hewn’s ‘Frankenstein’.

The Oxford Culture Review

Rough-Hewn’s entirely devised production of Frankenstein is a curious evening of entertainment. The company style themselves as aiming to ‘create provocative and invigorating theatre’; every production of theirs that I have seen has fitted this bill, and Frankenstein is no exception to the rule. The first half, shown from Frankenstein’s perspective, showed flashes of genuine brilliance, managing to inject dark humour into the original tale. The dialogue was sharp, the characterisation observant, the setting modernised. Unfortunately, however, the second half, shown from the Monster’s point of view, did not live up to the expectations of the first. Starting promisingly, it slowly deteriorated into onstage violence that lost the tension and shrewd humour that characterised the previous act.


The story bore a contemporary setting well, stripped of its Gothic archetypes. Director Harley Viveash and the rest of the cast deserve considerable recognition for collectively devising such a streamlined script, particularly…

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