Review: Heaven & Hell LiveFriday

Review of the Ashmolean’s Blake-themed LiveFriday, ‘Heaven and Hell’.

The Oxford Culture Review

William Blake has long been a source of fascination for scholars and popular media alike; often portrayed as a tortured visionary, his unusual biography and unorthodox views on religion and free love have provided ample material for exploration. Having been relatively ignored during his lifetime, his work has since influenced the Pre-Raphaelites, Modernists such as Yeats and Paul Nash, and musicians from Vaughan Williams to Bob Dylan. Subsequently, the Ashmolean Museum’s ‘Master and Apprentice’ exhibition (running until March) has been remarkably popular, spawning a plethora of associated events from the wide-ranging Inspired by Blake festival, to last week’s ‘Heaven and Hell’ LiveFriday. These events, held on the last Friday of every month, open the museum to the public after hours, providing an evening of entertainment on a particular theme. Previous LiveFriday themes have included ‘Egyptomania’, based around the 2014 Tutankhamun exhibition, ‘The Art of Theatre’, and ‘LoveFriday’, but the Blake…

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