Explore a Score: ‘Lasse liten’

‘Lasse liten’ is one of the creepiest songs Sibelius ever wrote. The piano has a sinuous, threatening chromatic line that opens with the right hand below the left, in the piano’s bass register. The piece is supposedly in G minor but this is disrupted from the right hand’s first note. Not only is it dissonant... Continue Reading →


Explore a Score: Nielsen’s Fifth Symphony

Last night I was in Scotland, giving a talk for the BBCSSO's fantastic performance of Nielsen's Fifth Symphony (you can hear both the concert and my interval discussion here). So I thought I'd start off my 'Explore a Score' series with this symphony. This is going to be a section of the blog that does... Continue Reading →

Introducing: Ture Rangström

One of my favourite composers who I’ve come across in my research is Ture Rangström. He’s very little heard of, but produced a fantastic body of work including four symphonies, three operas, and over two hundred songs. Part of what’s so compelling about his work is just how varied it is. His music ranges from... Continue Reading →

Sibelius Scaramouche

Earlier in the week I was lucky enough to see Sakari Oramo perform Sibelius's Second and Seventh Symphonies, with the incomparable Anu Komsi singing Luonnotar and Ekho by Aarre Merikanto. During the interval I talked to Martin Handley about Luonnotar and Scaramouche, and the role that they play in Sibelius's stylistic experimentation. You can hear the whole concert and our... Continue Reading →

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

I've just had a short film released by the BBC! I am incomparably excited about this. It's available from BBC Arts - I'm talking about why we should listen to history as well as look at it, exploring Max Reinhardt's 1933 production of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'.  

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