Music in Game of Thrones: S08E05 ‘The Bells’

**SPOILERS** Ugh I have a lot of Feelings about this episode. While I’m glad that the writers fully committed to the “power corrupts” motto that has been driving GoT since day one, I am really disappointed by Dany’s plot arc from flawed hero to war criminal in the space of a couple of episodes. Sure,... Continue Reading →


Music in Game of Thrones: S08E04 ‘The Last of the Starks’

**SPOILERS** Well. ‘The Last of the Starks’ certainly puts Game of Thrones back in the heartlands of what it does best — betrayal, misery, and ruthless murder.  With all attention focused on the Night King in the first three episodes of season 8, Cersei’s really been in the background so far. But she’s now made... Continue Reading →

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

I've just had a short film released by the BBC! I am incomparably excited about this. It's available from BBC Arts - I'm talking about why we should listen to history as well as look at it, exploring Max Reinhardt's 1933 production of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'.  

Preview: The Wishing Horse

Preview of short film ‘The Wishing Horse’

The Oxford Culture Review

“I want to ask you a dying wish: I want you to love your mother,” writes the absent father of Alexander Darby’s new short film, The Wishing Horse. Focused upon the therapeutic possibilities of myth in the face of loss and family tensions, The Wishing Horse follows a young girl, Lily, unable to cope with her father’s failing health and the impact of this upon her relationship with her mother. Finding inspiration in G. K. Chesterton’s Ballad of the White Horse, a piece of Wessex legend is brought into the present in the appearance of a white horse that acts as a comforter to the young girl, a folk story that her father used to tell her come to life.

ⓒ ABG Productions ⓒ ABG Productions

Alex, a Royal Court writer and runner-up for the BAFTA/Skillset young people’s award for best screenplay, as well as working as an UNESCO photographer, describes…

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They Will Be Red: An Interview with Milja Fenger

Interview with Oscar shortlisted writer Milja Fenger.

The Oxford Culture Review

Following her successes with the short film ‘The Road Home’ (Oscar shortlisted) and her play ‘She Was Yellow’ (shortlisted for ‘Old Vic, New Voices’) last year, Milja Fenger’s new play ‘They Will be Red’ will be running at the Burton Taylor Studio from 29th January – 2nd March. ‘They Will be Red’ tells the story of Anna, an ecologist whose ambitions to combat the ash tree dieback distract her from a problematic life at home. Currently studying human sciences at Oxford, I spoke to Milja about the play and how her academic and dramatic work intersect.

What’s the inspiration behind your play?

Originally, I didn’t want to do a play. Then one day I was walking in the park, looking at the trees and it struck me that the ash trees, which were so beautiful, were still going to die. And I wondered what it would be like if I…

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Disconnected: An Interview with Tom Edkins

Interview with film-maker Tom Edkins.

The Oxford Culture Review

Tom Edkins, an English student at Magdalen College Oxford, has been making films for over a year, in which time he has been shortlisted for the Reed Short Film Competition 2012 and filmed Mercury winners Alt-J. I spoke to him about his inspirations and forthcoming projects.

Which is your favourite film that you’ve made, and why?

Probably my first music video, which I made with some friends at school. It was our last few weeks in the Upper Sixth, and we’d written a song called ‘Kids’ about trying not to act your age, so it all felt very nostalgic. The video’s quite shabby and not very technically accomplished, but it was before I really knew anything about filming so we just threw loads of ideas on the table and had a lot of fun shooting them. More recently, I enjoyed making my first proper short, Ignatius, because it was…

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