If you would like to contact me, then please email me at leah.broad[at] I am always happy to talk to journalists and broadcasters.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream: A short film for BBC Arts, exploring a 1933 Shakespeare production to discuss why we should listen to history as well as look at it.

Broadcasting House: Radio 4’s comparison of composers and biscuits, based on my Twitter thread on the same theme.

Music Matters: A discussion with Tom Service and Rhiannon Mathias about gender representation in musicology and music journalism.

Introduction to Sibelius’s Fifth Symphony: A discussion about Sibelius live at the BBC Proms, with Tim Howell and Ian Skelly.

Strindberg & ‘The Woman Question’: Radio 3 essay on the author August Strindberg’s arrest for blasphemy in 1884, and why it matters.

Sibelius and Scaramouche: An interval discussion with Martin Handley about Sibelius’s music written in 1913.

Listening to Nielsen: An interval discussion with Kate Molleson about Nielsen’s humour, and what writing a symphony meant in 1920.

Sibelius and theatre: A discussion with Rana Mitter about Sibelius and his theatre music.

Munch & biography: An extract from Radio 3’s Free Thinking, discussing how Munch’s life and works relate to each other.

Sibelius’s Fifth Symphony: A discussion on Radio 3 Free Thinking about Sibelius’s Fifth Symphony.

New Generation Thinkers launch: Radio 3 broadcast live from the Hay Festival, where you can hear me and my fellow NGTs talking about our research interests.

Research interview: An interview with the AHRC about my work and interests.

Observer/Anthony Burgess Prize: A review of a Sibelius concert, for which I was awarded the Observer/Anthony Burgess Prize 2015.

‘Am I really only a “nationalistic” curiosity?’: An article on Sibelius’s theatre music, published for his 150th birthday.

Shakespeare in Scandinavia: A post on Scandinavian productions of Shakespeare, and the music that was composed for them.

Beyond Nordic Noir: Blogpost for HuffPost on Nordic literature, for International Translation Day.

The Oxford Culture Review: There are over 100 articles, reviews, and interviews by me available on The Oxford Culture Review.



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