If you would like to contact me, then please email me at leah.broad[at] I am always happy to talk to journalists and broadcasters.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream: A short film for BBC Arts, exploring a 1933 Shakespeare production to discuss why we should listen to history as well as look at it.

Broadcasting House: Radio 4’s comparison of composers and biscuits, based on my Twitter thread on the same theme.

Music Matters: A discussion with Tom Service and Rhiannon Mathias about gender representation in musicology and music journalism.

Introduction to Sibelius’s Violin Concerto: An introduction to Sibelius’s Violin Concerto and the first version of his Fifth Symphony, live at the BBC Proms with Daniel Grimley and Kate Molleson.

Introduction to Sibelius’s Fifth Symphony: A discussion about Sibelius live at the BBC Proms, with Tim Howell and Ian Skelly.

Nordic lights and myths: A discussion about the music of Outi Tarkiainen, Shostakovich and Rachmaninoff, live at the BBC Proms with Nicole Schmidt and Eleanor Rosamund Barraclough.

Strindberg & ‘The Woman Question’: Radio 3 essay on the author August Strindberg’s arrest for blasphemy in 1884, and why it matters.

Time Travellers: I’m regularly on the ‘Time Travellers’ slot (10.10am) on weekday Essential Classics, telling weird and wonderful tales from music history. You can catch some of my stories on the Time Travellers podcast.

Sibelius and Scaramouche: An interval discussion with Martin Handley about Sibelius’s music written in 1913.

Listening to Nielsen: An interval discussion with Kate Molleson about Nielsen’s humour, and what writing a symphony meant in 1920.

Sibelius and theatre: A discussion with Rana Mitter about Sibelius and his theatre music.

Munch & biography: An extract from Radio 3’s Free Thinking, discussing how Munch’s life and works relate to each other.

Sibelius’s Fifth Symphony: A discussion on Radio 3 Free Thinking about Sibelius’s Fifth Symphony.

New Generation Thinkers launch: Radio 3 broadcast live from the Hay Festival, where you can hear me and my fellow NGTs talking about our research interests.


Observer/Anthony Burgess Prize: A review of a Sibelius concert, for which I was awarded the Observer/Anthony Burgess Prize 2015.

‘Am I really only a “nationalistic” curiosity?’: An article on Sibelius’s theatre music, published for his 150th birthday.

Shakespeare in Scandinavia: A post on Scandinavian productions of Shakespeare, and the music that was composed for them.

Beyond Nordic Noir: Blogpost for HuffPost on Nordic literature, for International Translation Day.

The Oxford Culture Review: There are over 100 articles, reviews, and interviews by me available on The Oxford Culture Review.

Research interview: An interview with the AHRC about my work and interests.

Research interview: An interview with the Church Times about my research.


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